Why should you work with lawyers?
Just as you use a lawyer to buy a property or a house, so you should seek the
help of a lawyer when buying a property in Turkey

First, your lawyer will be able to review the sales contract which will initially
be in Turkish .With your "power of attorney", your lawyer should be able to 
sign documents on your behalf in your absence
You should only verify that the wording of the power of attorney allows your 
lawyer the validity of the functions you want him / her to perform - and that 
the wording meets the requirements of the appropriate institution (such as 
a bank or title deed office).
Escrow services for payments. At this time, the attorney will act as a trusted 
third party
Therefore, hiring a Turkish lawyer will save you time, money and avoid risks
Your attorney will determine the turnkey deal for your property

Besides what we can do for foreign investors in Turkey except for the
aforementioned real estate purchase :
General legal advice
Due diligence (investigation and certification of the legal status of immovable
property executed in the bond registry office)
Construction and real estate contracts
Resolve real estate disputes through mediation or legal procedures
Legal advice regarding companies in Turkey
Establishing companies in Turkey
Establishing branches of a company based outside Turkey
Tax and insurance
Wills and inheritance

This means that your attorney will go after all the legal and administrative
paperwork on your behalf during the buying process and can sign
On any documents in the municipality, the title deed registration office, or
in any government unit on your behalf. The person is called
The person who signs (executes) the power of attorney is the name of the
director. A power of attorney gives legal authority to another person (public
defender) to make decisions. Ownership, financial decisions and other legal
decisions of the client. Typically, a power of attorney includes an authorization
to purchase or. Registration of the property in the name of the buyer, to obtain
a "completion report" of the property, and the official registration of water
and electricity meters. And property insurance, register property with the
municipal department, pay local taxes, file legal claims and conduct
Litigation, paying taxes, etc.
Notaries are authorized to prepare the power of attorney document in Turkey.
You must go to one of the public notaries in Turkey in order to prepare a valid
power of attorney for your lawyer. If you want to have a sample
From our Power of Attorney you have any questions about this document,
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