Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions section of Euroesta Real Estate is a distinguished
section, in which we answer all questions that researchers inquire about in the
following areas:

Real Estate Turkey: It includes the method, steps and procedures necessary to
buy a property in Turkey and all related legal matters
Different types of residence in Turkey: "tourist residence, real estate residence,
permanent residence and work residence"
to the Title Deeds Registry Office.
Turkish citizenship: “its conditions, advantages, procedures, methods of obtaining
it, and the legal matters associated with it”
Inheritance law and property inheritance in Turkey: What is inheritance law in
Turkey, is the inherited property, and a host of other inquiries that we provide
answers to in this section.

The Frequently Asked Questions section of Euroesta is a renewed section that
is added periodically to any inquiries made by users of the search engine and
visitors to the Euroesta website. In this context and in the event of any inquiries
- we are pleased to contact you and leave your questions and inquiries to the
competent department to answer them

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