Tourism in Turkey: Various and surprising experiences

Tourism in Turkey is characterized by diversity and diversity, as it includes a
wide range of beloved tourist attractions, which suit the tastes of tourists, from
exciting adventures, tourist medical resorts, amusement parks, and sacred
religious places, it is really the magnificence of tourism in Turkey that enables
you to spend a special holiday, restore your activity in it.

Medical tourism in Turkey

Thermal resorts are among the most important features of tourism in Turkey in
general, as the water of these resorts helps in the treatment of many diseases,
and their temperature ranges between 20 and 110 degrees Celsius. Turkey has
about 1100 springs, 264 resorts and 500 water points

Cave tourism in Turkey

Visiting natural caves is one of the distinctive and important types for tourists in
Turkey, and these caves were dug deep meters under the surface of the earth,
and humans inhabited them thousands of years ago, and they still preserve the
relics of the people who lived in them until now.

Cave tourism is a popular tourism destination for visitors from all sides, such as
the Dobnisa Cave in the state of Kırklarali, the Karja cave in the state of Trabzon,
and the Garaine cave in the state of Antalya, and many others

Religious tourism in Turkey

From a religious point of view, Turkey is one of the richest countries that contains
sacred and distinctive religious landmarks and places, and besides that, there are
also many remnants of the monuments of the various civilizations that flocked to
Turkey since ancient times, such as the Greek, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman
civilizations that in turn left many tourist places. Religious and prestigious, such as
the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in the state of Istanbul, the House of Mary in the state of
Izmir, and the Temple of Nikolos in the state of Antalya.

Recreational tourism in Turkey

Places of entertainment and tourism vary in Turkey, where there are water games
cities, a city of entertainment games and modern museums, including: Esfanbul,
"ex-Vialand", which includes a huge collection of entertaining games, suitable for
all ages, in addition to the Aquarium, which gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy
watching fish shows. And dolphins through the waterways of the marine basin.

Tourism in Turkey in the winter

There are many tourists who love tourism in Turkey during the winter season in
particular, they come to practice snowboarding sports, and for you, dear tourist,
you can imagine the magical beauty of winter in Turkey, as you see the frozen
lakes, and the beautiful snow-covered mountains.

Indeed, Turkey is a very beautiful winter tourist destination, and the Kartepe
Mountains, which are located in Sapanca, represent an amazing form of tourism
in Turkey, as they are covered with snow and there is a ski center, and it is also
possible to rent ski clothes and practice this beautiful sport.

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