Investing in Turkey: the advantages and the most important areas

Investing in Turkey: Learn about money investment opportunities in Turkey
and real estate investment fields

Information about investing in Turkey

A study that monitors the most important causes and types of investment in
Turkey, real estate, tourism, industrial, and monetary investment through it
profitable investment opportunities

In 2007, the Turkish government established an Investment Support and Promotion
Agency in Turkey, which launched its website

In about 12 languages, including Arabic, to be a link between Turkey and
foreign investors

What are the most important areas of investment in Turkey?

Real Estate, Industry, Automobile Industry, Agriculture and Food, General
Commercial, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Industry

Automotive, financial services, communications and information, and many
other fields

What are the advantages of investing in Turkey?

During the period 2014-2016, it attracts annually about $ 15 billion in foreign
investment (OECD).

Promising economy, expected to become one of the fastest growing economies
within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and development

The qualitative boom in the Turkish economy, as the gross national product
jumped from 230 billion US dollars in 2002 to $ 820 billion in 2013

The 16th economy in the world, the sixth in Europe, with stable economic
growth averaging 5% between 2012 and 2013

Real estate investment options in Turkey

Buying a property in a project under construction in a vital or strategic area that
will witness a great turnout, then selling it after the project ends at a price

The highest, and the most attractive thing for investors currently is the search
for apartments for sale in Istanbul and apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea

Investment of lands for sale in Turkey in strategic locations that may be included
in the organizational plans of cities or the possibility of building complexes 
housing it later, then sell it later for multiple times

Real Estate Development: By buying an old property, renovating it and improving
it, then selling it at a higher price

Buying a ready-made apartment in a project, then renting it, and ensuring a fixed
monthly return

Why is investing in real estate one of the best types of investment in Turkey?

Because real estate investment is greatly affected by the country's economy and
political stability, and Turkey is the first and best candidate for real estate
investment in the region

Real estate is the largest growing and profitable sector in the world

Investing in real estate achieves guaranteed results, away from adventures

What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey?

Turkey accepts a 20-year reconstruction project in the most beautiful cities of
Turkey, such as Istanbul, to renew the old from real estate in Turkey and
converting them into luxury apartments for sale in Turkey, farms and villas for
sale in Turkey are luxurious, as it is an investment project it includes about 6.5
million real estate units

The Turkish investor will not be alone in this investment, as the investment law
in Turkey has opened the door to the citizens of 183 countries investment thus
gives foreigners a successful investment opportunity to participate in this
architectural activity. And the intervention of a number of countries
Arab countries, especially the Gulf states, are among the countries whose citizens
are allowed to buy real estate in Turkey

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