Atatürk Airport Transfer

EUROESTA  Arranges Your Airport Transfers from ATATÜRK Airport

This service is only for;
Persons who bought their property from EUROESTA Real Estate
Property Management Package owners and their guests
Rental Management Package owners and their guests

For arranging a professional airport transfer,we need your mail
including these details;

Your full flight details (arrival and departure flight number, city, date, hour)
How many people are coming and what are the names? 
This is very important for us to arrange a vehicle.
Is there a special cargo? Please specify if you have any special cargo 
(pet, tent, instrument, wheel chair, etc. except your luggage)
Key: Please let us know if you/your guests have the key or not! Otherwise we do not give the 
spare key to the driver. We give the key to driver if we have your confirmation.

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