Real Estate Consultancy in Turkey

Ask for the real estate consultancy service in Turkey, through our
most skilled professionals in the field of real estate marketing, 
development, and investment

The real estate consultancy in Turkey provides information and preliminary
expectations for investors in the Turkish real estate sector whether about
the costs of the investment projects or the expected yield, as well as the
supply and demand related to the real estate project.

Real estate consulting service by Euroesta Real Estate

The real estate consultancy service includes:

  • Providing general information about the property to be invested, and creating
  • a safe investment strategy, taking into account the wishes of the investor.
  • Through the created investment strategy, our team searches for and investigates
  • the real estate required. This property is evaluated in cooperation with competent
  • professionals.

    Stages of Real Estate Consulting Service
    1. Field analysis, market analysis and competitive analysis of the intended investment.
    2. Analyzing the investment appropriateness of the property required for the investor's wishes.
    3. Developing the concept of investment and developing the concept of development.
    4. Creating Feasibility studies in financial and administrative terms.
    5. Studying possible and potential risks.
    6. Developing investment steps and strategy.

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