Real Estate Valuation | Project Valuation with Feasibility Report in Turkey

Real Estate Valuation Report İnfo & Method

If you are looking buy a property in Turkey, you may like to be sure about the value
of the property that you will buy. Euroesta supplies "valuation serviec" at its cost.
These appraisal reports are 2 types : Real Estate Valuation and Project Valuation
with feasibility report. Euroesta is co-operating with independent experts who are 
licensed from Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu (Capital Market Board - Highest regulation
authority of financing and banking in Turkey). We call them SPK validated experts in
Turkey. These experts are authorized for real estate valuation in Turkey and project
valuation in Turkey.

Real Estate Appraisal Report in Turkey

  • House / villa valuation or apartment valuation Commercial buildings, offices, stores,
  • shopping mall valuation and shop valuation Agricultural land, plots, parcels and land
  • valuation Hotel valuation Urban Renewal valuation (Kentsel Dönüşüm Değerleme)
  • Mine valuation, Gas Station valuation Ship, marine, yacth valuation, Airplane, plane
  • valuation Trade Mark valuation Company valuation

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