Residence Permit in Turkey

Residence Permit Application Procedure in Turkey
Foreign nationals that come to Turkey with a visa or a visa exemption are allowed
to stay maximum for 30, 60 or 90 days of time in one entrance. Foreign nationals that
wish to stay longer than the given time are obliged to get a residence permit in Turkey.
Residence Permits in Turkey: All You Need to Know in 2015:

First Time Residence Permit Application

- If you are applying for a long term residence permit, after meeting the 
requirements then you should use the first application option.
- If you're first-time application, you must make a reservation to go to the office.
If you are renewing, you don't have to visit to the office. You can make all your 
permit transactions online and via post or courier.
Applicants should make Residence Permit (RP) applications before tourist visa expires.

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